A Sci-Fi Movie Smackdown


Voting Schedule

ROUND 1: Begins March 19th

ROUND 2: Begins March 21st

ROUND 3: Begins March 27th

ROUND 4: Begins March 29th

FINAL ROUND: April 6th

No turning back the clock on your predictions. Well, unless you know a powerful member of The Resistance who can hook you up with time displacement equipment. All you can do now is make sure you vote each round, and then sit back and watch the battles unfold.

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  • Stunning Results, Finite Possibilities

    Stunning Results, Finite Possibilities

    With the beginning of round 3, I must say I am surprised at the results so far. I’ll have to agree with Preston that Gremlins deserved a better fate. Respects must be paid to the greatness that is Blade Runner, although … FULL POST »
  • Consume Mass Quantities!

    Consume Mass Quantities!

    Attention, Soldier! Now that the battles are underway, I hope you’re staying cool and alert. Not trying to rattle you or anything, but have you SEEN these popcorn tins? These things are gigantic. True megaliths. I’ve just seen one in person, … FULL POST »
  • 1984 Pizza, 2015 Toppings

    1984 Pizza, 2015 Toppings

    These SciFiTourney movie dudes are lucky to just barely miss the release of most righteous Sci-Fi movies, such as Jurassic World and Terminator Genisys, which are both guaranteed to be excellent, because the trailers look really sweet and they are both … FULL POST »
  • Paxton vs. Paxton? Ain’t Gonna Happen.

    Paxton vs. Paxton? Ain’t Gonna Happen.

    The window of opportunity for filling out your SciFi tourney bracket has now drawn to a close. To win big, you had to risk big, and a chance to win a GoPro may have cost you your reputation as a credible … FULL POST »
  • Round 1 Voting

    Round 1 Voting

    OMG you guys, the voting is about to begin. I haven’t been this excited since my parents gave in and finally said I could get a face tattoo. I wish we could open the voting tomorrow, when we’d originally planned, but … FULL POST »